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Our trailers aren't just a "product of Canada" but completely assembled at our Canadian factory by proud Canadian employees. The magic all happens here in Goderich, Ontario.


The difference is in the details.  Want to see how our trailers compare?
View more videos at the link below

We have a one-piece roof that is two-way taped to the roof bars and walls. Trim is added to the exterior and screwed with stainless steel screws with rubber gaskets.


With this roofing system the roof does not flutter in the wind, preventing leaks. 

Roof system

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Multi-Piece Roof


Steel Screws

No Tape

Not attached to roof bars

One-Piece Roof

Stainless Steel Screws

Two-Way Taped

Attached to roof bars

Frame & structure


We build our frames with structural supports 16” apart on the roof, walls and floor. This is necessary to ensure that the cargo trailer is resistant, strong and durable. We are concerned about snow load in the winter and make sure to have heavy duty tubing in the roof to withstand the harsh conditions.


Other manufacturers build their frames with 24” o/c which causes the aluminum cladding to bend in between the supports causing a wave effect down the sides and roof of the trailer. With the structural stability of the trailer being compromised the frame itself will be less durable and prone to defects.

16” o/c Square Tubing (Roof, Walls & Floor)

24” o/c

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We only use ¾” plywood on the floor of our cargo trailers as a standard option. We do not use any particle board, chipboard or Dry-Max.

¾” Plywood on Floor

Dry-Max or Chipboard on Floor

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Interior walls


We only use 3/8” plywood on the walls of our cargo trailers. We do not use any particle or chipboard.

All of our interior walls and trim are screwed, no staples are used. 

3/8” Plywood on Walls

Screwed Trim

Dry-Max or Chipboard on Walls

Stapled Trim

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Safety and durability go hand in hand. We use only grade 70 chain and hook on all of our cargo trailers. We use a stronger and heavier safety chain which ensures your safety while towing.

It is known that when steel and aluminum metals touch there is a galvanic reaction created which causes premature corrosion of both metals. This is why we use two-way tape on our steel frames to keep the aluminum cladding from touching. Where we do use screws in the roof, trim and lights we use only stainless steel screws that do not cause galvanic reaction. Where we use bolts in the man door and barn door we use stainless steel bolts.

Grade 70 Chain and hook

Two-Way Taped Frame

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Grade 4 Chain and hook

Zinc Coated Steel Screws & Bolts

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wire connections


All of our wire connections are butt connected, crimped and heat shrunk. With this standard you can ensure that your connections will stand the test of time.

Butt Connected, crimped and heat shrunk

Pin Connectors

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exterior trim


All of our exterior trim is sheared, put in a brake, shaped to size and installed in house to fit the exact measurements of our cargo trailers. This ensures a perfect fit every time.

All of our exterior trim is made from tread plate.

Custom Made, exact-Fit Exterior Trim

Mass Produced Generic Style Trim

No Trim

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interior trim


All of our interior trim is sheared, put in a brake, shaped to size and installed in house to ensure a perfect fit every time.

We cut the interior plywood 1" short at the top and hide all of our wiring up and out of the way.  The interior trim is place over the wiring to cover it up and give the interior a clean, finished look.

Custom Made, Exact-Fit Aluminum Interior Trim

Clean, finished wiring

No Interior Trim

Wiring is showing or behind cladding

Stapled mahogany trim

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exterior lighting


We use all LED lights on the exterior of our cargo trailers. LED lights are not only brighter and last far longer than incandescent lights.

Exterior LED Lighting

Incandescent Lighting

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exterior cladding


All of our exterior cladding has a baked on high-gloss finish and is a minimum of .030 - .040 thick aluminum, cut in a shear here in our factory. 

Screwless Exterior Cladding Adhered W/ Adhesive Backed Foam Tape

Cladding attached with Rivets or Screws

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customization options


We offer fully customizable options. Our standard options and upgrades are listed on our website, however if you have a special project in mind we are happy and able to discuss alternative customization options.

Full Customization Options

Limited Standard Options

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plug protection


Ready to use connection everytime with the Connect-To-Protect plug holder. We feel that this plug holder is a necessity especially in Canadian weather conditions. This plug holder will keep your plug up and off the ground.

Connect-To-Protect Plug Holder

No Plug Holder/Protection

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We only use top brand radial tires on our cargo trailers. Radial tires are superior to bias ply tires in many ways. Radial tires feature better fuel economy, less vibration, a softer ride, and extended life due to less heat being generated by the tire.

We only use a trailer rated tire that is specially made for cargo trailers. 

Radial Tires

Bias Ply Tires

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safety compliance


Our cargo trailers are manufactured in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) standards and safety regulations which allows us to be able to export our trailers to the USA. We are also compliant with the standards set out by the Canadian Department of Transportation. 


Be cautious of any cargo trailer manufacturer that does not comply with the above standards.

NATM and CDTC Compliant


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ramp door assistance


The ramp door on a cargo trailer can become very heavy and difficult to lift without assistance, as a result this can create a dangerous situation for an individual trying to open and close the ramp door.


We only use a double spring, double wire assist mechanism on our ramp doors as opposed to a very dangerous single spring assist.

Double Spring Assist

Single Spring Assist

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We sell our cargo trailers directly from the factory at the same price as our dealers. We offer both options to give our customers the best value and customer service.

Buy Direct From The Factory

Trusted Dealers

Sold Only Through Dealers, Brokers and Distributors

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We stand by our product and trust in the quality of our cargo trailers. Which is why we offer a 3-Year structural warranty compared to other cargo trailer manufacturers who only offer a limited 1-Year warranty.

3-Year Structural Warranty

1-Year Structural Warranty

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V-Nose Cargo Trailer in Wine
Two tone V-Nose Tandem Axle Cargo Trailer
Two Tone Tandem Axle V-Nose Cargo Trailer
Two tone Tandem Axle V-Nose Cargo Trailer
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