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7x14 cargo trailer ready for RV conversion

Ever consider converting your cargo trailer into a Cargo RV? That's precisely what this 7x14 enclosed trailer was built for.

Yellow and white cargo trailer

These days, many people are forgoing the traditional RV or camper for a DIY cargo RV. A standard enclosed cargo trailer doesn't come pre-installed with any of the things it would need to make it a comfortable camping experience however, it does have a lot of room for creativity and imagination.

With the variety of customization options available from Canadian Trailer Company, you can preplan the perfect set-up for building your own cargo trailer conversion.

This 7x14 cargo trailer is ready for an RV conversion. It was designed with 7 windows including 2 in the rear barn doors, stabilizer jacks, shore power, three 3' LED interior lights and all of our high quality standard aluminum framing, It can be used as a cargo trailer or converted to a cargo RV/camper with ease.

One of the best things about a cargo trailer RV conversion is the convenience aspect; if you're looking to use your conversion for overnighting on the way to Daytona for bike week, it’s a lot easier to street park a cargo trailer than a traditional motorhome. Not only are they smaller, but they’re also generally easier to park in a lot or on the side of the street.

Cost is another perk of choosing a cargo trailer conversion. Once the trailer itself is paid for, how luxurious or rustic the conversion is up to you. You can create a totally custom rig, that can be used as cargo trailer, camper or even a transitional combination of the two - and you decide how much to spend. By using recycled and reclaimed materials, it can be a pretty low cost project.

Here's just a few examples of conversions that some of our own customers have completed.

Have you considered your own Cargo RV conversion? Here's a few things to consider before visiting us to build your custom trailer:

- Are you going to be installing grey, black, white water tanks? This may change the reinforcement needed for your trailer frame or the amount of weight your axles may need to carry

- Will you be taking your trailer off road or back-woods? Straight axles may be an option to consider, if so. They give you more ground clearance for rocks, trees etc.

- Will you be installing solar power? We can add reinforcements and supports for roof installation

- Will you still need access to load atv's, bikes or sleds? This could determine whether you still need a rear ramp, rear barns, or even no access is needed at the rear.

- Think about the layout you would like inside. It could determine placement of lighting, shore power, windows, vents etc.

Like any project, the more preplanning you have done, the smoother the process will go once we hand your trailer over for it's final makeover.



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