Search and Rescue: Cargo Trailer Sponsored By Canadian Trailer Company

At Canadian Trailer Company we are committed to supporting our community! Our entire staff came together and voluteered their time to build this custom cargo trailer for H.A.S.A.R.

H.A.S.A.R. Mobile Command Centre.

The Huron and Area Search & Rescue was founded in 2018. Noticing a gap in volunteer long term search and rescue, Adam Seltzer began to research the idea of a professionally trained civilian search and rescue organization that could fill this niche. With the assistance of Patrick Armstrong and Jamie Mitchell, HASAR was formed and began to recruit motivated people for its 'officer' ranks. These leaders would help to form the core of the organization. By November 2018, HASAR had taken over 50 volunteers who began their basic SAR training. 

HASAR is comprised of four key pillars; the Board of Directors along with three Branches; Field Support; Field Operations & Marine.

- H.A.S.A.R.

Find out more about H.A.S.A.R here:

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