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Discover the unparalleled features of this recently completed heavy duty 8.5x22 custom cargo trailer.

A custom built cargo trailer is the ultimate solution for all your hauling needs. With our unparalleled quality and impressive customization options, your trailer can offer a level of functionality that simply can't be matched by a standard cookie-cutter trailer.

Grey cargo trailer passenger side view

Imagine the endless possibilities that come with a spacious 8.5x22 footprint. Whether you need to transport bulky equipment, oversized loads, or an entire household's worth of belongings, this custom trailer has the capacity to handle it all. Its generous dimensions provide ample room for even the most demanding cargo, ensuring a seamless and efficient towing experience.

8.5x22 custom cargo trailer buILT to meet SPECIFIC NEEDS

The benefits of this 8.5x22 custom cargo trailer go beyond just size. The ability to customize every aspect of the trailer, from the interior layout to the exterior finish, allows our customer to tailor it precisely to their needs.

No compromising on features here, this unit was customized to include:

  • 7'6 height

  • 52k straight torsion axles

  • 42" wide man door with bar lock

  • Translucent roof

  • HD rear ramp door with 4000 lb capacity

  • 3'x3' Generator door with gas shocks and sliding tray

  • Retractable RV step

  • Spare Tire and mount

built tough: heavy duty aluminum framing

Durability is another key advantage of this 8.5x22 custom cargo trailer. Constructed with heavy duty aluminum framing, this trailer is built to last. You can trust that your valuable cargo will be safely transported, no matter the distance or the terrain.

This is no ordinary frame - we're talking about a custom aluminum beast that's packed with top-notch features. This frame is built to endure the toughest jobs!

Let's break it down:

  • HD 2x6 3/16 A-frame (our standard trailers are equipped with a 2x4 3/16 A-frame)

  • HD 2x4 3/16 main frame (our standard trailers are constructed with 2x4 1/8)

  • HD rear ramp door (reinforced with 1 1/4 tube every inches)

  • 3x3 generator door

  • 42" wide man door

Investing in a custom built cargo trailer such as this, is a decision that will pay dividends time and time again. Its unparalleled versatility, customizability, and durability make it the ultimate choice for anyone in need of a reliable and customized hauling solution.

Interested in building your own custom cargo trailer? Request a quote on our website!


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