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eliminate warping, peeling & popping panels

Introducing new PolyCor™ AP cladding - your ultimate solution to eliminate warping, peeling and popping panels.

Black cargo trailer with warped cladding
Has your trailer experienced warping or peeling caused by extreme sunlight?

The phenomenon shown above, known as "oil canning", is one of the most common occurrences with aluminum cargo trailers, specifically those that are black. This is caused by temperature changes as the aluminum expands and contracts over time. This exposure leads to warping and/or peeling of the adhesive tape, in turn causing your panels to warp, wave or peel. In extreme cases this can even cause your panels to be completely detached from the trailer frame.


PolyCor AP logo

Canadian Trailer Company is now offering PolyCOR™ AP as a premium option for your cargo trailer cladding. This specially formulated siding material is designed to withstand the damaging effects of extreme sunlight, ensuring a lasting and pristine appearance for your trailer.

Cargo trailer cladded in PolyCOR AP
PolyCOR AP panels exposed to extreme sunlight

Stronger than aluminum, these panels will not warp or oil can like traditional aluminum cladding panels.

PolyCor™ AP panels are completely waterproof, impact resistant, structurally stable, and capable of maintaining a high-quality appearance even in harsh weather and temperature fluctuations. In addition,

The lightweight design helps to reduce noise when driving on roadways.  This combination of material characteristics works to reduce overall cost and improve performance.

When compared to aluminum, PolyCor™ AP is slightly lighter than .040” aluminum, and 25% lighter than .050” aluminum with an average weight of 0.58 lbs/sq ft.

Canadian Trailer Company is now offering this product for all custom build cargo trailers. Currently available in black, with more colour options arriving soon!

Say goodbye to maintenance headaches and hello to a worry-free exterior - ask us about adding PolyCOR™ AP to your trailer today!



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