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Anatomy of a cargo trailer

Ever wonder what makes one of our V-Nose Cargo Trailers so special? The difference is in the details. Take a deeper look at how our trailers compare...

16” O/C Square Tubing on roof, walls and Floor

We build our frames with structural supports 16” apart on the roof, walls and floor. This is necessary to ensure that the cargo trailer is resistant, strong and durable. We are concerned about snow load in the winter and make sure to have heavy duty tubing in the roof to withstand the harsh conditions.

Other manufacturers build their frames with 24” o/c which causes the aluminum cladding to bend in between the supports causing a wave effect down the sides and roof of the trailer. With the structural stability of the trailer being compromised the frame itself will be less durable and prone to defects.

One-piece Aluminum Roof

We have a one-piece roof that is two-way taped to the roof bars and walls. Trim is added to the exterior and screwed with stainless steel screws with rubber gaskets.

With this roofing system the roof does not flutter in the wind, preventing leaks.

Also available is our exclusive Translucent Roof. A one-piece fiberglass roof system that allows a substantial amount of light into the interior of your trailer, reducing the need for interior lights.

Seamless Exterior Cladding

All of exterior cladding has a baked on high-gloss finish and is a minimum of 0.030 – 0.040 thick aluminum. Cut in a shear, right here in our factory.

Grade 70 Safety Chain

When it comes to safety, we take things very seriously. We only use Grade 70 Safety Chain on our trailers. It is always attached to the frame of the trailer, never the coupler, to prevent the trailer from detaching from the tow vehicle in the case of an emergency.

At Canadian Trailer Company, we also add two bolts on either side of the coupler to better secure the coupler to the frame.

Checker Plate Trim

All of our exterior trim is sheared, put in a brake, shaped to size and installed in house to fit the exact measurements of our cargo trailers. This ensures a perfect fit every time.

​All of our exterior trim is made from tread plate.

Exterior LED Lighting

We use all LED lights on the exterior of our cargo trailers. LED lights are not only brighter and last far longer than incandescent lights.

Radial Tires

We only use top brand radial tires on our cargo trailers. Radial tires are superior to bias ply tires in many ways. Radial tires feature better fuel economy, less vibration, a softer ride, and extended life due to less heat being generated by the tire.

We only use a trailer rated tire that is specially made for cargo trailers.

Polished Aluminum Fenders

Unlike many of our competitors, we secure our fenders to the body of the trailer and caulk all seams to avoid all the road grime and salt avoids contact with the body of the trailer.

Ladder, Roof Rack, 8000 lb Side Jack, Bar Lock, Chrome Stripes etc.

We offer fully customizable option. Our standard options and upgrades are listed on our website and shown quite extensively on our social pages. If you have a special project in mind we are happy and able to discuss alternative customization options.



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