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8.5X24 custom BUILT cargo trailer MADE for future camper conversion

Updated: May 26, 2023

This 8.5x24 custom build was created to be used as both trailer and camper by it's future owner. With heavy duty aluminum framing, 5200 lb axles, 7'6" of height and 4 different access points, it will have tons of possibilities for a future camper conversion.

Customization starts from the ground up on a project like this. Our welders need to make sure the trailer is built to support the many access doors requested without jeopardizing the integrity and stability of the frame.

To make sure the frame stays strong and stable, heavy duty framing is always our favourite option.

What makes this frame different from our standard build?

  • Upgraded A-frame to 3/16" 2x6

  • Upgraded mainframe to 1/4" 2x4

  • Upgraded walls & ceiling to 1/4"

Take a look at the strength in this framing before the exterior and interior finishing is complete.

From frame to finish....

Built for adventures outdoors. This 8.5x24 aluminum custom cargo trailer build is loaded with upgrades and customizations that are key for it's future conversion into a cargo camper.

Upgrades & customization include:

  • Blackout package with black aluminum wheels

  • Reverse RV door

  • RV step

  • 60" x 72" door on passenger side

  • 2 barn doors on driver side nose

  • 8000 lb jack

  • 44"x24" window with screen

  • Ramp door extension

  • Transition flap

  • Heavy duty stabilizer jacks

  • Spare tire and holder

  • Bar locks

From the v-nose barn doors that will become a tool closet, to the side jump door that's destined to become an outdoor kitchen, there are so many possibilities for this unit. We can't wait to see this one after it's makeover is complete!

What people want to know most is what we charge for a custom cargo trailer, unfortunately it's not that simple. As you can see from the above, we custom design each trailer based on your needs. In this case, we start with our standard 8.5x24 and customize structural and cosmetic design as needed. We can tell you that we won't charge you more if you choose to build custom, you only pay for the changes you make.

If you're interested in building your own custom cargo trailer?


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