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The impacts of COVID on your trailer price

In October 2020, the cost to build an aluminum frame was approximately $4500, today that same frame is $9000!

It's no surprise that prices everywhere have been rising lately, but if you want to know why your new cargo trailer may be much more expensive than previous years, look to Aluminum, Steel and Plywood prices. From the frame to flooring, walls, axles, jacks and more, your trailer is built largely from these 3 commodities, whose prices have sky rocketed.

We build our frames with structural supports 16” apart on the roof, walls and floor (versus the competitors 24") which means more aluminum or steel is used, but it also means that your trailer strong and durable for the harshest of Canadian weather.

The interior of your trailer is composed of 3/8" & 3/4" plywood on the floor and walls. Sure, it's cheaper to use particle board or chip board like the "other guys" but we believe that the durability of those products is inferior and less resistant to wear than plywood.

While we are starting to see a decline in plywood pricing, Aluminum and Steel are still rising, with no end in sight.

No one likes to spend more money, but choosing a Canadian Trailer Company cargo trailer means that your your hard earned money is investing in a top quality product that will continue to hold it's value for years to come.



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