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Tire Safety & Wheel Mounting

Tire Safety

All trailer tires should be the same type, size and construction; not mot mix bias-ply and radial tires, doing so may adversely effect the tires and hubs, leading to premature tire wear or failure.

In selecting tires for your trailer, buy the size, type and load range found on the trailer's certification label or in the owner's manual.

Keep in mind that tires have a load rating that indicates the maximum amount of weight they can carry safely. As with your tow vehicle, always maintain proper tire pressure and replace worn tires.

Trailer tires have a speed rating which is often lower than the tow vehicle. Your maximum speed should never exceed the speed rating of the tires.

Remember - your tow vehicle tires may require a higher tire pressure for towing, especially heavy loads.

Proper Wheel Mounting Procedure

Proper mounting of the wheel to the hub and applying the proper toque when mounting or remounting the wheel is important in towing a trailer safely.

Improper wheel fastening can result in the wheel separating from the vehicle.

Check the owner's manual for torque specifications. If torque information is not available in the manual, contact the trailer manufacturer for this information.

- Canadian Trailer Company


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