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Cargo Trailer Uses and Benefits

With a custom cargo trailer from Canadian Trailer Company you will be able to instantly increase your hauling capacity, protect your belongings from the elements, increase security ans do much more. An excellent option for those of you who are tired of cramming tools and supplies into your vehicle, open trailer, or using a tarp as a protection barrier.


With a Canadian Trailer Company cargo trailer you can tackle any number of jobs you wish, while keeping all of your items packed safely inside. The list of cargo trailer uses goes on and on, but just to mention a few...

- Electrical

- Plumbing

- Carpenter

- Contractor

- Vendor (Food/Retail)

- Motorcycle, ATV Transport

- Automobile Transport

- Auction & Flea Markets

- Debris and Trash Removal Services

- Additional Storage

- Lawn Care Equipment

- Furniture and Appliance Storage/Transport

- Camper

- ETC...

With our endless customization options and upgrades at Canadian Trailer Company, we can build the perfect cargo trailer to suit your unique needs.


Our cargo trailers are fully enclosed; offering protection for your tols, supplies and belonging when the weather is not on your side. If weather conditions have been a challenge for you while hauling your items, a cargo trailer might be the ideal solution for you.

Extreme heat can cause materials to warp, harsh winds can toss items around, rain and snow can leak through a tarp and cause damage. All of these weather related issues can be solved with an enclosed cargo trailer.


A cargo trailer can be locked and secured! If you are hauling your items in the back of your truck or trailer covered with a tarp you are taking the risk of having your items lost or stolen. Not only should you be cautious of potential malicious intentions, but while hauling items you should be prepared that without proper security your items could fall out and be lost. Lost or stolen items cost you time and money; a cargo trailer is the perfect solution.


Are you running out of room in your shed or garage, but would also like the option to transport your storage items with you where ever you go? A custom cargo trailer can be used as a mobile storage unit. With customization options you can add any number of convenient storage additions to your cargo trailer such as; shelves, cupboards, hangers and more. Your cargo trailer becomes a permanent storage solution for your personal or business use and saves you from renting a unit.

- Canadian Trailer Company


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