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Pro Tip: Safety chains should always be attached to the frame, not the coupler.

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

When it comes to trailer safety, we take things very seriously. If you are looking to purchase a cargo trailer keep this Pro Tip top of mind.

Safety chains should always be attached to the frame, not the coupler.

Here's Why...

Safety Chains Attached To Coupler

Pictured to the left shows safety chains attached to the coupler. In this case the coupler came apart from the trailer frame. Leaving the trailer completely detached from the tow vehicle.

If the safety chains were attached to the frame instead of the coupler it would have prevented the trailer from completely detaching from the tow vehicle.

Also notice that there are no huck bolts in the side of the coupler. At Canadian Trailer Company we add two huck bolts on either side of the coupler to better secure the coupler to the frame.

You can also see in this example, there are no washers on the bolts to distribute the weight. Washers are an essential part of trailer safety, preventing the nuts from pulling through the tube frame.

The bolts have pulled through this frame because the washers are missing.

Safety Chain Attached To Frame

"Attach the safety chains from your trailer to your tow vehicle. The chains should crisscross to form an X beneath the trailer tongue such that it would catch the tongue should the trailer disconnect from the tow vehicle. Each chain shall have a separate attachment point to the tow vehicle and shall be rated for the GVWR of the trailer."

- Trailer Safety Week

By: Canadian Trailer Company



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