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Transition Flap VS. Ramp Extension, which suits your needs?

Transition Flap versus Ramp Extension, not sure which one is right for you? Both are a helpful customization; however, that need can vary depending on how you use your trailer daily.

TRANSITION FLAP: an angled aluminum flap that attaches to the floor of the trailer and covers the gap between the trailer floor and the ramp door. It is available as a customization to any width trailer, steel, or aluminum.

If you are loading and unloading items with small wheels or castors, like toolboxes, carts, dollies etc., the transition flap keeps the wheels from falling into the gap. If you’ve ever tried to load these items without a transition flap, you will know exactly why it’s convenient.

It’s a perfect add on for window installers, work trailers or even your toy hauler.

Sled and ATV owners may notice issues with snow, mud or debris falling in the gap between your trailer floor and ramp door, which over time, can cause damage to your cladding. A transition flap will stop all that debris from getting trapped in the gap, and it can be swept right out of the trailer.

RAMP EXTENSION: a 16” hinged extension attached to the bottom of your ramp door which creates a lower angle to the ground. A ramp extension can also be added to any width or style of trailer. In some cases, it may be larger than 16” to accommodate heavy duty ramps.

The ramp extension provides a smoother transition from ground to ramp to trailer by creating a longer access slope. Ideal for low profile vehicles like race cars, or heavy items like motorcycles.

In true Canadian Trailer Company style, you will notice that our ramp extensions are built different than most manufacturers. You won’t find weak piano hinges here. If you are loading heavy equipment such as a motorcycle across a piano hinge, it’s not going to take long before it breaks.

We notch out the base of our ramp door so that our extension is supported by the base of the of the ramp door with hinges attached the end. For additional strength, we add a support bar across the width of the ground side of the extension.

So, whether you need a Transition Flap or Ramp Extension, both are valuable options to consider when customizing your trailer.



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