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True OR False? Can you have pressure treated plywood in an aluminum trailer?

There are mixed signals when it comes to pressure treated plywood and aluminum trailers. Can you have pressure treated plywood on the floor or walls of your cargo trailer if it has an aluminum frame?

Can you have pressure treated plywood in your aluminum trailer?

The Short Answer: Yes, you can.

Will it cause corrosion?

The Answer: Yes, but only if the aluminum and pressure treated plywood are directly touching one another.

WHY?: "...the copper in ACQ treated lumber will react very strongly with any aluminum, corroding aluminum fasteners and aluminum brackets very quickly."

How can I have pressure treated plywood in my aluminum trailer without corrosion?

The Short Answer: A Barrier Membrane between the aluminum and pressure treated plywood.

As long as the aluminum is not directly touching the pressure treated plywood, you will not experience any corrosion or reaction between the two.

Aluminum Trailer With Pressure Treated Plywood

In the images below you will see that there is a barrier membrane being placed along the aluminum frame before the pressure treated plywood flooring is being installed. This stops the aluminum and pressure treated plywood from directly touching one another which will prevent a reaction between the two.

There are many benefits to choosing pressure treated plywood because "...pressure treating is a preservative process that helps wood withstand the elements and wards off termites, microorganisms and fungal decay."

Not only are barrier membranes used in trailer manufacturing but are commonly used with " for decks and other applications. When applied correctly, they act as a barrier between preservative-treated wood and metal connectors."

If you are considering an aluminum trailer and also would prefer to have pressure treated plywood installed. It is important to understand that you can have both options and have a quality built and durable trailer that will stand the test of time.

- Canadian Trailer Company




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